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Altium Designer® | Altium 365® | Altium Concord Pro® | Altium Enterprise Solutions

Set up
Altium Designer®
Design environment
Design- and production templates
and use of 3rd-party design data
Setting up of a
structured Database Library
for basic and customization

Level up

Prime EDA BV delivers deployment services, with the aim of getting the most out of Altium Designer®, Altium 365®,
Altium Concord Pro® and Altium Enterprise Solutions.

We support you with setting up an efficient working environment. And besides, we help existing Altium® users to improve your working methods and assist you how to use the extensive functions which are available in the software.


We help users of other PCB design software to make the switch to the Altium® products and make this transition as smoothly as possible.

Prime EDA helps to set up an efficient design environment that seamlessly meets the needs of designers, assemblers and bare board manufacturers.


for deployment

  • Setting up your design environment
  • Design and production templates
  • Import 3rd-party design data
  • Set up your Database Library
  • Basic and customized Training
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EDA services

  • Telephone assistance
  • Remote Desktop assistance
  • Assistance on location
  • Personal assistance at the office
  • Dutch, English and German
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  • Altium® Basics and Essentials
  • Altium Concord Pro® / Altium Enterprise Solutions
  • Altium Spice
  • Altium Designer®
  • Altium Expert Training
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Partners and users of Prime EDA services and products


Users of Printed Circuit Board design software have often heard of Altium Designer®. Many companies regard switching from one design package to another as challenging. The benefits of a new package compared to an existing package are usually carefully considered. Frequently heard reasons for delaying or not even making the switch are the lack of sufficient internal capacity to guide or execute the switch, the conversion of libraries, the lack of customer-specific templates, the training of users and aftercare in the period after purchasing the software.
Prime EDA BV will gladly help you to remove the possible doubts and objections of a transition and to help you on your way quickly, so that you can quickly benefit from the Altium® products.

What makes PRIME EDA unique?