You need software to design Printed Circuit Boards. There is a wide choice with regard to providers of this software and the possibilities that these software packages have to offer.


For selecting the right PCB software

Complexity of the designs and the needed functionality
The market share of a package and which package is used by business partners
Ease of use
Design Content

Market leader

In recent years, worldwide the choice of PCB design software has increasingly fallen on Altium Designer®, Altium 365®,
Altium Concord Pro® and Altium Enterprise Solutions.

These products are technically in line with what users expect from modern PCB design software and also have a very good price-performance ratio.

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Specific needs

Usually, there are additional customer-specific requirements

How can design and production documentation be created?
Can existing designs be imported?
How much time does it take to configure the package to meet the needs of users and who gets time for it?
How do I select the correct components and how should the components be managed?
Are there sufficient second sources (service agencies)?
How should the software be installed in the existing infrastructure (IT)?
How long does it take before my new users are trained?
Where can I find models for components and how do I get current stock and price information?
These customer specific topics require extra effort from users after purchasing the software and therefore sometimes make it difficult to switch to another design environment.
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