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Prime EDA BV

Provides deployment services, with the aim of getting the maximum out of Altium Designer®, Altium 365®, Altium Concord Pro® and Altium Enterprise Solutions. Despite the extensive online documentation that is available, new users of the software in particular need a little extra support in setting up an efficient working environment.


Altium Designer® | Altium 365® | Altium Concord Pro® | Altium Enterprise Solutions

Set up
Altium Designer
Design environment
and production templates
and use 3rd party design data
Set up a
structured Database Library
Basic and customized

Besides new users, there are existing users who have been working with the Altium® products for a long time, but who still have the needs to adjust the working method and want to make more use of the extensive functionality that the Altium® packages have to offer.

level up

And finally there are users who are currently working with another PCB design package, but are still considering making the switch to the Altium® products. Prime EDA BV also has a lot to offer for this category of users. A no-obligation advice can always be given.

Besides giving advice, Prime EDA BV is happy to offer its services to make the transition to Altium® as smooth as possible.

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Prime EDA BV helps you to set up an efficient design environment that must seamlessly meet the needs of designers, assemblers and bare board manufacturers.