Once the Altium® software has been purchased, the software must be installed and configured to your wishes and needs. Existing design data can also be converted for use in the Altium® environment. Libraries can also be set up in such a way that every user can efficiently find and manage the components.

Prime EDA BV has the required knowledge and experience to do this for you quickly. Then you can get started right away and take advantage of the benefits that the Altium® software has to offer.



Set up
Altium Designer
Design environment
Design and production templates
and use 3rd party design data
Set up a
structured Database Library
Basic and customized


EDA Assistance

In addition to the support provided by Altium® via, users occasionally need some extra support, which is not covered by the standard Altium® support contract.

Very often, user questions start with "How, Why, What, Which".
These questions are usually about getting advice. Not because of problems with the software.



Telephone assistance
Remote Desktop assistance
Assistance on location
Personal assistance at the office
Assistance in Dutch, English and German
  • Assistance is given during office hours: 8.30 am - 5 pm
  • The annual costs for this package starts at € 420,00 depending on the size of your company
  • The contract is automatically renewed annually (30 days notice period)



Due to the extensive functionality of the Altium Designer® and Altium Enterprise Solutions software, many new users, but also existing users, need training. Prime EDA BV provides the following training courses:



These are specific training courses that are organized and given by Prime EDA BV:

Design / Layout / Test


The capacity requirement for companies fluctuates over time. Companies like to look for an optimum with regard to the number of employees in relation to the expected work load.

Producing companies may have the load somewhat balanced by means of framework orders. Companies that develop their own products have less flexibility in this area.

It is often decided to employ a minimum number of employees, who usually always have sufficient work. With too much work load, under capacity may arise. If this becomes structural and there is a desire to grow, it can of course be decided to hire extra employees.

But it is also possible to choose to meet the capacity requirement through hiring or outsourcing. A number of strategies or a mix of these are possible here:


In-house staff for the development of mainstream (sub) products and thereby hiring missing specialized expertise

Own staff for company critical expertise and for the development of mainstream (sub) products capacity to hire
No own personnel for development and outsource this completely

Finding suitable external capacity sources is becoming increasingly difficult. Last decades, fewer and fewer students have been trained as hardware engineers. And this is in contrast because of an increasing need for additional engineers, for example as a result of IoT. We want to connect all devices together. This leads to the necessary challenges in the field of mechatronic design and test solutions and the demand for modern design methods.

Want to know more?


Prime EDA BV has its own capacity that can be hired by customers, together with an international network of capacity sources that can also be used. For both mainstream (sub) product development and testing of electronic products, as well as for hiring specialists who have the right knowledge and experience. And preferably the work must be done in the Altium Designer®, Altium Concord Pro® and Altium Enterprise Solutions environment.

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